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Q: What is the difference between "Clay Pavers & Concrete Pavers"?
A: Clay pavers are made with real clay that is mixed, extruded and baked in a kiln
at very high temperatures and concrete pavers are made with a special blend of concrete and coloring that is compacted at very high pressures in a special machine.
Q: Which type of paver is better?
A: There is very little difference between pavers in general. The important difference is the maker of the pavers. Paving materials can vary from one manufacturer to next. The qualities that make a paver perfect are its compressive strength, water absorption rate and abrasion index.
Q: What happens if I have to do a repair job below the paving? Does it leave an unsightly patch mark?
A: No, that is one of the long term benefits to installing Flexible paving. Because all interlocking paving is flexible it can also resist cracking.
Q: What does "Interlocking Paving" mean?
A: Interlocking paving is a misleading term. What actually constitutes interlocking is really a dynamic function containing three different components. They are "rotational interlock" (resistance to tipping) "horizontal interlock" (resistance to spreading) "vertical interlock (resistance to sinking)". So, that means for lasting quality you need good containment, good sub base and proper paver thickness. Thicker pavers for driveways thinner pavers for patios.
Q: After you're done Paving the work surfaces should I Seal It?
A: Yes, it protects it from leaky cars that might leave oil stains and it stays cleaner for much longer if you seal it right away before it has a chance to get stained. Remember when it's sealed it only takes a hose to clean it off. We use breathable type sealers that protect against just about anything.
Q: I have a landscaping project that would require some type of equipment to complete but my home is located on a lake with limited access to the area I have selected for my project. Does your company have equipment that is small enough to fit in my yard and complete my project?
A: Yes, we have compact loaders that are roughly 40" inches wide and weigh approximately 1700 pounds. Each loader also has a variety of attachments to complete any project. Those attachments include a stump grinder, backhoe, buckets, Harley rake and an auger with 12" & 24" inch auger bits.
Q: My property has very steep hills and mature trees where I would like a hardscape project completed. Does your company have anything to place on the ground that would aid in the equipments traction on the hills without damaging the surrounding area of my mature tree roots?
A: Yes, we have a plastic matting system designed for these specific requirements. The mats measure four feet wide by eight feet long and are capable of holding and evenly dispersing up to 60 tons. Each mat has an interlocking capability that once coupled together act as a roadway giving traction to our equipment while protecting the surrounding area.
Q: There are a few trees on my property that do not look as healthy as the once did a few years ago. Is there anything your company can do to help us restore their health?
A: Yes, we have and certified arborist on staff that can diagnose and treat your trees, hopefully restoring them to better health, or remove and replace if necessary.
Q: I may need to add on to my current landscaping project but do not want delays because of having to wait for material. Does your company have topsoil and other landscaping materials available?
A: Yes, we have a commercial yard located near downtown Oconomowoc that we stock commonly used landscape materials and have 24/7 access.

Areas we Service
  • Oconomowco, WI
  • Concord, WI
  • Hartland, WI
  • Delafield, WI
  • Waterville, WI
  • Watertown, WI
  • Lebanon, WI
  • Sussex, WI
  • Pewaukee, WI
  • Waukesha, WI